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Intern Co.

The Intern Co. attracts the coolest, most multi-talented company members in the area. Their talents in theatre performance, production and design are strengthened by their interests that range far and wide. Intern Co. alumni go on to follow their passions and create careers for themselves that make us proud. Here's where we get to brag about some stand-out alums.
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Haley Gannon

 Haley can't believe her first Intern Co. show was a decade ago! Although not involved in theatre or the arts professionally, or really even as a hobby anymore, she carries with her all of the valuable lessons about teamwork and community that Intern Co. gave her.


Now, Haley is doing the opposite of what she imagined she'd be doing in high school. "I had wanted to be a writer and stick with theatre as a hobby, and now I'm in the geosciences and am playing roller derby on the side (me? a jock? who'd've known?)."

"Intern Co. was honestly the thing I looked forward to the most every summer, and I'm so happy to see they're still doing great things and keeping it weird."

Moira Miller Headshot.jpg

Moira Miller

Moira Miller, Intern Alumna 2010 - 2015, is a fashion and costume designer. Moira is currently designing for Era Jade, where she dreams up one-of-a-kind garments for clientele ranging from cocktail and eveningwear to suiting and bridal. She debuted her costume designs at the Ritz Theatre Company as Costume Designer for their production of Big Fish in their 2019 season. 


Moira previously worked in couture with Marchesa for their 2017-2018 season. She also worked with Erin Fetherston for their 2016 collections, including most notably the co-design and construction of Fun Home’s star Sydney Lucas’s gown for the 2015 Tony Awards. Other work in the industry includes an ample background in costume design including her role as Costume Designer for Burlington County Footlighter’s Intern Company, her internship with the Wilma Theater for their production of The Real Thing during the 2013/2014 season, and her apprenticeship with Mummer’s Costumers, Yvonne and Al DelBuono of DelBuono Costumes Inc.

"In this program I was freely given respect and responsibility, and with that was able to cultivate my craft and curate what made me unique."


Bryan Hamilton

Bryan James Hamilton is a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse. Recent credits include; Bull on CBS, Sinead in Leviticus at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Humayun in Guards of The Taj by Rajiv Joseph at the John Desotelle Theatre. Bryan is a co-founder of Made By Actors — a NY based company, community, network representing actors and artists alike, helping to produce and showcase their work. He spends his spare time acting in readings at the Actor’s Studio in NYC, working on short plays with Nylon Fusion Theatre Co, and currently writing and pitching a television series.

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Cat Rickman

Cat Rickman is a Brooklyn-based musician and writer from Mount Laurel, NJ. By day, she covers
everything from food to fashion to the state of the European Union for the French culture website,
Frenchly. By night, she’s either on the stage or in the studio, most recently to record her sophomore EP,
“Jersey Devil,” now available on iTunes and Spotify.

"The Intern Co. is not a theater program for the conventional or the faint of heart. It’s comprised of
weirdos and mavericks and people who take the word ‘impossible’ as a challenge, and the words ‘why
not?’ as a battle cry."


Katie Hummel

Katie is a Ph.D. candidate in English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her research areas include contemporary postcolonial literature and environmental studies. In other words, she works on novels written after 1989 in spaces formerly colonized by the British Empire. Katie is particularly interested in the environmental consequences of colonization, especially as these occur in urban planning, infrastructure, and vulnerability to climate change.

"Intern Company showed me the importance of learning, thinking, and experimenting outside the help make reading and writing come alive for students."

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